Remove Warning Spyware Detected on Your Computer in One Super Easy Step

If you've experienced the "Warning Spyware Detected on Your Computer" popup, you probably know by now that it is nothing more than an elaborate hoax meant to get you to buy rogue antispyware software that will, in turn, actually download and install more spyware on your computer. And you probably also know how difficult it is to remove this spyware application, that is unless you are willing to do something you probably have resisted up until this point.
Judging by the fact that you are reading this article, you are probably at a point where you are ready to do whatever it takes to get rid of this dangerous spyware. Chances are you've tried several free spyware removal tools and might have even found some special tools that were designed specifically for this particular threat - none of which have helped you. The reason is because spyware has gotten to the point where it is outsmarting the simple scanning engines of free antispyware software.
All of the free tools out there use a very simplistic scanning method to find malware on your computer. They merely look for changes within files and folders and scan known locations where spyware has installed itself in the past and moving forward rely on historical observation of those locations to find future infections.
The problem with this is that you get many false positives, or legitimate files tagged as spyware, and also much of the more current spyware goes undetected. What you need to do is find legitimate and proven antispyware software that scans your computer against a spyware database, which is a database of actual inactive spyware files. This is a much more effective and proven method of spyware detection and rarely reports false positives because each and every file is compared against that database.
Also, with this type of antispyware software you will also get the added benefit of superior real time protection - meaning that once you completely scan and clean your computer, you'll no longer have to worry about future infections because the software will continually scan the files and websites you access for spyware and adware threats.
So if you are tired of malware infections and tired of seeing messages popup on your screen that say "Warning Spyware Detected on Your Computer", you need to invest $30 in a true spyware remover or risk having your computer continually infected with spyware.

By Paul McDonald

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